Saturday, January 4, 2014


M and I decided to spend the first Friday of the New Year having dinner and watching a movie.  We went to the Arclight Hollywood to see The Wolf of Wall Street.

The movie was playing at the Dome and I was excited because we were able to get good seats.  If you haven’t been to the Arclight before, the ceiling inside the Dome looks like a giant honeycomb.  But I digress…

A little over an hour into the film, one of the speakers popped and the audio went fuzzy.  About fifteen minutes after that, the movie was stopped due to “technical difficulties” which couldn’t be fixed while we waited.  We received refunds and movie vouchers, so the night wasn't a total waste.  The experience was pretty ironic; I had planned on blogging about my trip to the Arclight and this happened.  I've been coming here for years and have never once had an experience like this (not at this theatre, anyway).  Guess they helped me out by giving me something to write about!

Since our plan for the evening was to watch a movie, we headed back home and watched Netflix instead.  Here’s me pretending to be overdramatic.  Yay! 

Hopefully today will go more smoothly.  We’ll be spending the afternoon in Santa Monica, so I’ll have another update soon!

Sweater: Topshop (same style; different color)
Jeans: Joe's Jeans
Shoes: Steve Madden (same style; different pattern)

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