Thursday, February 6, 2014

:-: B & B :-:

Sometimes you just need a good burger.  And Stout, you never let me down.  Your burgers are always cooked medium-rare and they taste so good.  I usually opt for the truffle burger because it's drenched with cheese, but this time I decided to try something different.

Meet the Stout Burger:
(blue cheese / emi gruyere / rosemary bacon / caramelized onion / horseradish cream / roasted tomatoes)

Say hello to The Morning After:
(rosemary bacon / egg over easy / aged cheddar / chipotle ketchup)

The fries were good, too, but I never fill up on dinner.  Otherwise, who would eat all of the dessert?

We made a pit stop at Beard Papa's on our way home.  We grabbed two originals with vanilla just as it started raining.  M was full from dinner, so after I ate my cream puff, I helped him out by eating the second cream puff, too.  I like to do nice things for people...

That's all for now for Burgers & Beard Papa's.
Has anyone tried the flavored cream puffs?  Any recommendations?

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