Monday, March 31, 2014


I told you I'd be back.  I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

Sunday:  Back to Bottega Louie for brunch.

I can't tell you how many times I've ordered a chocolate soufflĂ© and have been given a molten chocolate lava cake instead.  They're not the same thing - not even close - so I don't know why restaurants lie to me like that.  This one was a bit more on the dense side and came with sauce.

Ahhh, I love soufflés.

P.S. If you plan on walking around the jewelry district after brunch, it's closed on Sundays.

Saturday:  Dinner at Messob Ethiopian Restaurant.

My hunger overruled my desire to take a nice photo of the food before I started eating.  Oh, well.

I've only had Ethiopian cuisine once before, and the first restaurant was so, so good -- but so, so spicy.  The food at this restaurant was also really good - minus the spiciness.  Score!  The service here was excellent also.

Friday:  Dinner at Blue C Sushi (followed by yet another trip to Arclight Hollywood).

The food was good, but not great.  The inside was so pretty that I wanted to post anyway!  It's fun picking up sushi off of the belt (even though it's not as fresh as customized orders).  The only problem was that the same boring things were floating past us, so we ended up grabbing just a couple of things off of the belt and ordered the rest of our food from the menu.

There was also an earthquake during our dinner, which I didn't even notice until M pointed it out to me. Total safety fail. 

 Did you know that Arclight has special 21+ movie showings?  Yes, you can order your alcoholic beverage at the bar and then take it into the theatre with you.  Good times.

Thanks for reading!  

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  1. In all of the years that I lived in LA and millions of times I've been to Arclight, I never went to a 21+ screening - which, is a bit of an epic fail, really!