Monday, April 14, 2014


Spring is here, so it's time for floral prints!

Since I'm so in love my black bodycon dress, I decided that a springtime remix was absolutely necessary.  My black dress fit so perfectly - and it's hard to find petite dresses that actually fit like a glove - so I figured I'd save time and just get the same dress in a different print.

When I found this Topshop Petite Floral Print Bodycon Dress, I was so excited!  I took the dress off the rack, bypassed my usual fitting room detour, and headed straight for the cash register.  Then into my shopping bag it went.

A few days later, the sun was out, so I ripped off the price tag and put the dress on.  And it was so….


I knew that this dress was going to be shorter than the black version I already own, but this was wayyy shorter than what I'm accustomed to wearing.  It actually doesn't look too bad in the picture, but in real life, it was definitely borderline short.  But since I already tore off the tag and couldn't return it, and the floral print was so pretty, I wore it anyway.

Moral of the story:
Always try on clothes before ripping off the price tag.  Because the one time you're too excited to follow your own rule, the clothes probably won't fit you to your liking.  And in my case, I spent the majority of the day fighting with my dress.  It kept trying to hike itself up and give people around me a free show, so I had to keep pulling it down to prevent that from happening.

Lesson learned:
If you forego the aforementioned rule because you're too impatient, you can always throw on some leggings and turn your too-short dress into a tunic.  Problem solved!

Thanks for reading! 

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