Monday, April 7, 2014

:-: "U" ARE NOT A FAT COW :-:

O.K., so I eat a lot of burgers.

I never really noticed how many until I became a busy blogging bee.

I don't want my site to become a burger blog, but this one is important!!

Umami Burger is one of the first L.A. burgers I tried.

The presentation isn't the greatest, but the flavor is mmmmmmmm.  I always get the truffle burger and M always gets the Umami Burger.  My burger (above) is usually drenched with cheese, but they got a little cheap on me this time.  It's the first time it ever happened, so I let it slide.

We used to always go to the Umami Burger in Hollywood on Cahuenga, but I think that location changed ownership and/or management last year because it just isn't the same anymore.  The burgers were served nowhere near medium-rare more than once, so we usually just go to the location at the Grove.  I really like the dipping sauces for the fries, too.  My favorite is the one on the far left (I forgot what it's called - helpful, huh?)

Any reason to stop at the Grove works for me :)

Afterwards, I was ready for some delicious dessert.  I had sticky toffee pudding with a cute little container filled with crème fraîche on my mind, but Gordon Ramsay's Fat Cow restaurant was closed.


I was heartbroken.

I did some Yelp researching and found out that the Gordon Ramsay restaurant in West Hollywood serves sticky toffee pudding, so that's another restaurant I'll have to try.  It has four dollar signs, though, so it might be a little while before you see any pictures on my blog.

Has anyone been to the London West Hollywood to try out the restaurant?  Let me know, please!

Thanks again for reading!


  1. Great pictures, dear)

  2. such a nice blog! Im follow you :)

  3. Oh dear, that burger looks so delicious and that dessert just sounds incredible. Yum.. I don´t think that
    you eat that many burgers, eat more! :D

    1. i'll keeping looking for new burger places to review. and hopefully i find a new place that serves sticky toffee pudding. thanks for stopping by!