Thursday, May 22, 2014

:-: GET YOUR BIB ON! :-:

I like going to the Target shopping center on Santa Monica & La Brea (even though bags aren’t free anymore), but just to pick up food and toiletries.  And sometimes to stop at Starbucks or Ulta or BevMo.  My point is that I've never come here to eat a meal.  I always pass by Hot N Juicy Crawfish but have never bothered to take a look inside.

Turns out it’s just like The Boiling Crab.  Hot N Juicy is definitely good, but it isn’t quite as yummy as Boiling Crab.  I never even thought to look for a Boiling Crab since I moved here.

Anyway, the fact that Hot N Juicy didn't have a 3-hour wait (you know what I mean if you’ve been to Boiling Crab before) was definitely a plus.  And the prices are comparable to Boiling Crab, making it worth a visit (and probably a re-visit).

I thought it would be fun to show a picture of the Hot N Juicy mild shrimp aftermath.  I was very messy, so the bib turned out to be pretty necessary.

Has anyone else eaten at this restaurant before?  I wanted to try the crawfish, but I’ve heard they’re really hard to open and there isn’t much seafood inside.  Let me know :)

Thanks for reading!

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