Monday, June 9, 2014


Question:  What does $26 (plus an additional $2 online processing fee) get you?

Answer:  A VIP seat at El Capitan, a Disney movie theatre (yes, more Disney – in case you didn’t get enough Disney herehere and here).
Yes, $56 may amass sticker shock for 2 movie tickets, but this experience is something completely different.  If you do go, I'd recommend reserving your seats at least a week or two in advance because the best seats sell out early.
The Outside of the Theatre
The fee includes a souvenir bucket of popcorn and a bottled drink, an organist playing Disney theme songs during seating, a pre-show (i.e., a magic show), a reserved seat during the movie (FYI: the time stamped on your movie ticket isn’t actually when the movie starts; it’s when the pre-show starts), and access to look at some movie props.  Not to mention just looking around the theatre itself, which is really pretty.
The Inside of the Theatre
A lot of online reviews suggest arriving at the theatre early so that you can take a look at the movie displays, but let me give you better advice:  You won’t be admitted into the theatre until less than half an hour before the show is scheduled to begin.  So, if you paid all that extra money for VIP tickets, you might as well just come closer to show time and skip standing in line.  You’ll get a chance to look at everything after the movie.
The Actual Costume Worn by Angelina Jolie in the Movie
Overall, it was a great experience -- just be cognizant that you're at a Disney theatre and there are lots of children (and probably adults, too) who could potentially be crying and kicking the back of your seat and talking throughout the film -- just saying.
We sat in the front row of the second balcony because it has the most leg room, but next time we’ll try the last row of the first balcony so that there’s nobody sitting behind us.
Another fun place in Hollywood! Check!!

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