Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hey, Jones Hollywood - I stayed away too long and you changed your caprese salad on me.
So rude.

At least my two favorite things on your menu haven't skipped a beat.

Wasabi mashed potatoes?  Yes, please.

The best apple pie of my life?  Like you even had to ask.

The crust is flaky, the apples are slightly tart, and the brown sugar is gooey and crunchy all at the same time.  It tastes like Christmas.

A little something extra:

The apple pie at The Apple Pan was good, too, but nothing compared to the delectable slice of pie pictured above.  Yelpers raved about the Hickoryburger, but the Steakburger was wayyy better if you ask me (yes, I just had to slip a burger reference in this post, too).

Here's a tip - when you walk in, you seat yourself at an open stool (or, more likely, you'll stand behind someone and wait for them to leave), and make sure you have cash in your pocket or you won't be able to pay your bill.  There were lots of hungry people waiting for my seat, so I didn't waste any time taking pics of the food here.  I have manners :)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 14, 2014


As much as I love Lush products, I can't try everything new, or I'd go broke.  So I picked one goodie that caught my eye (and nose) from the selection of new Lush offerings:

Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb is the bath bomb on the left.

…And I bought another new - but it isn't from the new collection.  The one on the right is called the Fizzbanger. and is smells wonderfully apple-y (like my fancy description?) and it's supposed to look like little fireworks in the tub.

I've never used either one before, but I'm excited!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Surf – as in seafood, I mean.  But before the surf, we hit the sand at Zuma Beach.   I really like this beach because we can always find a nice place to lie down without being crammed in between a bunch of other people.  It looked a little overcast, but it still felt nice and warm.

We even saw dolphins in the water (you have to look closely…but I promise they’re there)!

I thought we were just planning a quick roundtrip to the beach then home, but we ended up at Gladstone’s.  The restaurant was right on the water, so of course the view was beautiful.   I had thrown on a romper over my bathing suit, was wearing flip flops (not to mention my face was makeup-less), and I was afraid there was a dress code and they wouldn’t let us in.

Turns out I just worry too much.  Half of the people were dressed up nice and fancy, and the other half were in casual clothes or beachwear.  And the food was gooood. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

:-: BURGERS² :-:

It’s catch up time! Or ketchup time…with the fries…that go with your burgers.
Yes, more burgers.  Plural.  Don’t be alarmed.
High quality meat on a light toasty bun and a super tasty, bougie burger (not on the same day, though).  Both were delicious – which one is better just depends on your mood.
Let’s start with the traditional. The Golden State.  Great burger with some very tasty jalapeno coleslaw and sweet potato wedges that border on a dessert menu item. MmmMmm.  This is a small place, though, so if you come here, it’s just to eat the food.

Ready for the non-traditional? Father's Office only serves one type of burger.  And it's so good they won't let you make any substitutions.  Oh, man.  This looked more like a sandwich than a burger, but it was amazing!  The shoestring fries were surprisingly tasty, too.  Laidback vibe but you have to be on your game if you want to find a seat.  This would be a great place to meet up with friends.

I really think this is turning into a burger blog.  Does anyone have suggestions for other places to try?

Thanks for reading!