Friday, July 11, 2014


Surf – as in seafood, I mean.  But before the surf, we hit the sand at Zuma Beach.   I really like this beach because we can always find a nice place to lie down without being crammed in between a bunch of other people.  It looked a little overcast, but it still felt nice and warm.

We even saw dolphins in the water (you have to look closely…but I promise they’re there)!

I thought we were just planning a quick roundtrip to the beach then home, but we ended up at Gladstone’s.  The restaurant was right on the water, so of course the view was beautiful.   I had thrown on a romper over my bathing suit, was wearing flip flops (not to mention my face was makeup-less), and I was afraid there was a dress code and they wouldn’t let us in.

Turns out I just worry too much.  Half of the people were dressed up nice and fancy, and the other half were in casual clothes or beachwear.  And the food was gooood. 

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