Thursday, August 28, 2014


Lunch is overrated.  I wish I could just have brunch every day instead.

I was so super excited to go to Blu Jam CafĂ© that I didn't mind the wait.  Brunch and waiting usually go hand in hand, so it was expected.

What I didn't expect was a french toast fail.  My crunchy french toast wasn't fluffy, was only kind of crunchy, and the vanilla sauce on the side was just ok.  The bread wasn't soaked long enough in the egg mixture before it was cooked, so it was still pretty dry inside.  

I used to practically live off of french toast, so the fact that this completely missed the mark made me sad.

I normally don't write reviews when I try a new place and don't like the food, but I felt compelled to make an exception for this brunch-related issue.  

The crunchy french toast had over 400 excellent reviews on Yelp.
Did I just get a messed up order? Is it usually better?  Or is it just over-hyped now?

My french press coffee was delicious, though, and the bacon was good (hard to mess that up), so I'm wondering if I should go back and give it another shot.  Any feedback would be appreciated…

Thanks for reading!

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