Thursday, August 14, 2014

:-: IN A PICKLE? :-:

I went to the Beverly Hills pickle fest on August 3rd.

I got there around 11:00 am, and I thought there was going to be pickles galore, but there was only one pickle stand.  ONE.  One pickle stand does not a festival make.  They should have just said come to our regular weekly farmer's market, watch some people judge a pickle festival, then try some pickles.  Please don't call it a festival.

[Did anyone else go? Were there a lot more pickle stands in the morning?]

I would have gone earlier, but who wants to eat pickles that early?  Not me.

Anyway, they had a free game where you have to try to throw pickle-shaped bean bags into a barrel.  Each person had four chances.  If you got one bean bag in, you won a freshly made pickle.  If you got  three in, you won four pickles.  I won four pickles!!  So exciting!

OK, well I'm getting tired of typing the word 'pickles' so this post is done.  Thanks for reading!

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