Thursday, October 30, 2014


There's still time to pick up a pumpkin!

Lombardi Ranch Pumpkin Festival has a pumpkin patch, wagon rides, and even a corn maze!

The maze was fun but it would have been better at nighttime.  It was way too hot to be wandering around a corn maze in the Santa Clarita afternoon heat.  I probably inhaled about a pound of dirt, too, but I had fun nonetheless.

They had a very large selection of pumpkins to choose from and the pumpkins were reasonably priced.  

I was fixing my hair in between shots and the picture below looks as if I was trying to snap a sexy pose.  In a pumpkin patch.  I think today has just been a long day, but I thought it was funny.  Do you have any pumpkin patch pictures to share?

Thanks for reading!

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