Monday, December 15, 2014

:-: DOG HAUS … WHAAAT ?!? :-:

Did anyone used to listen to 94.9 growing up? Or was the Dog House more of a Bay Area thing? If not, then you probably won't appreciate this blog post title.  Regardless, that's not what this post is about.

Dog Haus was last Friday night's dinner spot.  We went around 8:00pm and there were a good amount of people, but we easily found a place to sit down.

You can order a pre-set menu item and/or pick ANY sausage from their display case and turn it into a corn dog. 

Pictured below are the chili cheese tots, holy aoili burger, and cajun andouille corn dog.

The burger was served on hawaiian bread - something different (and yummy!).  The corn dog had a beer batter and it was good, but I still think that the corn dogs at Disney's California Adventure can't be beat.

A close-up of the potentially heart-stopping chili cheeese-y tater tot goodness:

This spot just opened up about five weeks ago, so it's relatively new.  Has anyone been here and tried anything delicious?  I'll probably be back for another visit, so any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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