Thursday, December 11, 2014

:-: FIGARO :-:

Los Feliz is a cute little area to walk around.  It's also where we discovered
Figaro, a lovely little French Bistrot / Boulangerie / Lounge.

We wandered in near 4:00 pm, so we had the option of ordering food from either the brunch or lunch menus and drinks from the happy hour menu.

Now, I'm all about brunch, but I decided I'd switch it up for once in my life and try something different.  I ordered off of the lunch menu [gasp!].  When my food came out, it was a gentle reminder why brunch is a million times better than lunch.   My smoked salmon crepe had fully cooked smoked salmon in it, which I wasn't expecting (I was expecting something more along the lines of this, but with crepe status), so it was a little "meh" for my tastebuds.

Lesson re-learned:  Always stick to brunch when it's an option.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule.  I'm more of a surf-and-turf kind of girl when it comes to ordering food, and I don't like wasting my time on chicken, buuut … M ordered a chicken sandwich from the lunch menu, which was delicious.  It was also drenched in brie, which makes everything taste better.

Yes, this picture is mostly a view of the caesar salad.  I won't lie:  I judged his sandwich before he even tried it and didn't bother taking a good picture of it.  That's what I get for cutting corners.  

Dessert was delicious.  MmmMm for chocolate soufflĂ©!

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