Sunday, December 28, 2014

:-: THE LAST BURGERS OF 2014 :-:

The past few weekends were a whirlwind.  Getting ready for the holidays was so much work (but in a good way).
I did manage to get in a couple of new burger places before the year end, though.  The likelihood of these being my last burgers of the year are slim, but this will be my last burger post of 2014.  

… Good thing it's almost 2015!

Let's start with the bad news first:  Hook Burger

I was getting ready to do some Christmas shopping but decided I needed a little sustenance first, so I Yelped a new burger joint.  I had no idea there was a burger place at Empire Center - much less one with awesome Yelp reviews - but I left feeling underwhelmed.  I was excited that the burgers were decently priced (i.e., a burger, fries and a drink were about the same price as a burger alone at one of my other favorite spots -- you can scroll down for my list).  The burger was juicy, but it needed more flavor, and the meat didn't seem like it was very good quality.
I probably won't be going back.

At least there was some good news:  Steak N Shake

I finished up my Christmas shopping in Santa Monica, and I had seen the "opening soon" sign for this place a few months back, so I was excited that it was open.  I've never been to another Steak 'n Shake, so I can't compare this to one of the originals.  This place has terrible Yelp reviews, so I'm glad I didn't read them first or I may not have bothered giving this place a try.

Is this a burger I'll dream about and tell all my friends they have to try it?  No.
Is this a burger I'd re-purchase in the future?  Yes.

Oh, and they serve milkshakes and wine and beer here, too, but I stuck with good old Cherry Coke.
Just thought you might like to know in case you decide to go.

One last thing:  Hopefully missing things by one day isn't becoming a trend (*knock on wood*) because the day after I went to Santa Monica, Hello Kitty tweeted this:

Ughhh.  I totally missed it.  They look so cute, too!  Just like the little cube plushies Sanrio sold when they had their 40th anniversary pop up trucks.  Did anyone get to try these?  I'm not even sure what they were exactly, but I'm sad I didn't get to try one.  Were they yummy?

Thanks for reading!  Want a recap of my favorite burgers of 2014?  Here you go...

2.  Umami
3.  Stout

Have a safe and happy new year!

:-:  C  :-:

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