Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Fifth stop:  Animal Kingdom Park

The Matterhorn ride was missing from Magic Kingdom, but this park has a snowy mountain coaster of its own.  Guess this is where it went?  This park also has a water rapids ride that I was expecting to find at Hollywood Studios.  I guess you have to spread things out when there's two extra parks ...

But when there's extra parks, there's more types of food!  How about some African food?

O.K., so the Dole pineapple whip isn't African food, but it is delicious!  The pineapple whip at Magic Kingdom was kind of icy, and wasn't very good.  This one tasted like the one they sell near the Tiki Room in Disneyland.  Mmmmm!!!

I'm so excited there was something Lion King themed.  Finally!  Be sure to check out the Lion King show.  It was musical / Cirque du Soleil type of act.  Lots of fun!

This park had the cutest Christmas tree decorations, but it always closes pretty early because of the live animals, so I didn't see the tree near the park entrance when it was lit up.  Luckily, the Tree of Life kept me busy.  It's huge!

If you watch the Bug's Life show, the exit leads you underneath the tree so that you can take up-close pictures.

So, you can make like a bug ... 

 Then make like a tree ...

Then you can go home.  So sad.

Next stop:
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