Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Third stop: Downtown Disney

This is made out of Legos.  Ridiculousness!

We needed a day of rest to recoup and recharge for the last two parks!

 Earl of Sandwich was the most reasonably priced food we ate on our trip.  And it was actually really good, too.
The mac 'n cheese was way better than what I got at Chefs de France the night before - not to mention it was a fraction of the cost.  Good news: there's a location in Downtown Disney - Anaheim also.

M had The Original 1762 and The Earl's Club [standing in the super long line to order helps work up an appetite] and he liked both.  I had the Holiday Sandwich, which is pretty much Thanksgiving dinner in between two slices of bread.

Holiday Sandwich
Even the desserts were good! The chocolate chip cookie was freshly baked and the brownie was soft yet crunchy - and filled with bits of Ghiradelli chocolate.  MmMmm. 

We also went to AMC, which has a theatre with full service dining and a full bar.  It was fun, but I didn't get a chance to take pictures.  They have things like that here, too, if you're interested.

Dinner was served at Fulton's Crab House.
It's a really cute restaurant that looks like a boat and is located right beside the water.

We were stuffed from the popcorn, so we just ordered off of the appetizer menu.  The crab cake was served atop a fried green tomato and surrounded by maque choux.  The raw oysters tasted fresh.  Both were good.  What wasn't good were the mahi mahi tacos we ordered; they were pretty bland.  The best things, though, were the beef tenderloin skewers.  They were cooked to a perfect medium-rare temperature and were tender and juicy.  They were cooked with garlic mojo and topped with pickled red onions.  They were also surrounded by a sea of toasted hazelnut romesco, which was absolutely delicious.  I'll miss this dish.

Are you hungry yet??

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