Thursday, February 5, 2015


What better way to end a disappointing event than with a disappointing burger?

I know, it looks good.  But it wasn't.

Saturday just wasn't my day.  My original choice was brunch at Mama's on Washington Square, but when we drove past, we saw a typical brunch line (i.e., out the door and around the corner) and our tummies couldn't be put on hold that long.

I did my usual Yelp search and found out that there was an Umami Burger nearby, but I decided we should try a new burger place since it was a new year.  So off to Mo's Grill we went.

Now, when you tell me that your burgers are cooked on volcanic rock (yes, you read that correctly), I expect to take a bite and feel like I've been transported to Hawaii.  Or someplace cool.  But maybe that's just me.  Regardless, that didn't happen.

There were three of us, and we each tried a different burger.  We all agreed that the burgers needed more seasoning.  The meat didn't have much flavor, so the taste was basically whatever extras you had on your burger.  Oh well.  At least the service was good.

I'm sad that my first burger post of the new year wasn't a my-tummy-is-full-and-happy-please-go-here-too kind of deal.  Can't win them all.

So, to sum it all up:  Mo - never again.  But I'll be back for you, Mama.

Thanks for reading!

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