Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Remember how excited I was for Walker Stalker Con?

Well, last Saturday, the wait was over.  And Walker Stalker Con, you totally dropped the ball.

Please tell me why people who bought Groupon tickets got to stand in a special line that had little to no wait, while the people who bought their tickets online at full price way before the Groupon offer was released stood in line for about an hour?  "It's OK," I thought, "They're only getting green wrist bands, and I don't mind paying a little more and waiting a little longer to get my entrance badge."  

And then I got a green wrist band, too.  FML.  

You could have afforded to give me something for a ticket that cost $45 plus online processing fees.  Seriously, now.

Hello Kitty Con tickets were cheaper, and they gave away a bunch of free stuff.

But, free swag aside, once I got into the convention, there weren't very many vendors and you had to pay around $30 - $60 to take a picture or get an autograph from each celebrity that was there.  It was cool to see them in real person, but I wasn't about to shell out hundreds of more dollars to actually meet all of them face to face.

At least you can check out all my cool pictures of the zombies (a.k.a. the WALKERS of Walker Stalker Con) that were roaming around the convention:

Oh wait, there were none.

I thought that maybe I had just set my hopes too high for the event, but when we left, M said, "Hello Kitty Con was better than this."  And a weekend filled with Hello Kitty is definitely not his cup of tea.  So there.  An unbiased opinion.

Just save your money and go to Halloween Horror Nights.  You can thank me in October.  Until then, you can keep yourself occupied with Season 5 of The Walking Dead, which starts this Sunday.  At least the show is still amazing.

Did you go?  What did you think?  Do you have any convention stories to share? 

Thanks for reading!

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