Thursday, April 16, 2015


I've missed you!!

It's been a while, so you must be hungry.  We went to Connie & Ted's around 9ish on a Friday evening and there was still a wait for tables.  Luckily, we came at a perfect time because there were 2 seats open at the seafood bar.  It was meant to be.

Sparkling rose with a view of the seafood bar makes for a nice start to the weekend!
They even have fresh sea urchin!

Mmmmmm…raw oysters galore!

We ordered a half dozen of the chef's daily assortment of fresh raw oysters.  Each one was delicious - even the big ones, which I usually don't like.  They were surprisingly fresh.  They tasted as if they were just scooped up from the ocean.

M had the lobster roll with hot drawn butter.  It was amazing.

I had the fried pacific oyster sandwich, which I've classified as my new fancy seafood burger.  Amazing again.

This restaurant is a bit pricey, but it's definitely a place you should try at least once.  I'll definitely be back now that Connie, Ted and my tummy are best friends.

Thanks for reading!  See you again soon!

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