Thursday, May 28, 2015

:-: FISH DISH :-:

OK, so here's the deal:  I moved to LA at the end of November 2013 to look for work.  In January 2014, I received a job offer at a company I interviewed at two years prior.  Go figure.

What does that mean?  It means I work in NorCal on weekdays and spend my weekends in SoCal.  It also means that Southwest is taking all of my money.  And that I spend a lot of time at the airport.

Because of this, M and I have eaten at pretty much every place near the airport.  Some places are good, but one place really surprised me.  It's called Fish Dish.

When I first ate here, I doubted how good the food was because I was really hungry (and it was "near the airport" food), so I didn't think much about it.  We went back another day when I didn't feel as though I was starving, and I got to see if my tummy changed its mind.  It didn't.

The cajun mahi mahi tacos are amazing and the seafood bisque was better than some of the stuff I've had at fancy restaurants.  Who knew??  Everything here tastes really fresh and it's definitely worth trying.  Let me know if you go!

Thanks for reading!

:-:  C  :-:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


You know it's bad when it's been so long you can't even remember the last thing you posted.  Before my blog went dark for about a month, it was Gudetama.  So I figured it was time to catch up on new burgers!

Even though I wasn't blogging for a while, I was still loading up on burgers.  I wasn't planning on trying anything new, but decided it was time to try and switch things up a bit and found a couple new yummy burgers to share!  And, of course, I made these decisions on the rare occasions my digital camera wasn't in my purse.  So please bear with my camera phone pics.

First, I found a new Umami love.  The truffle burger is still my favorite, but sometimes my heart just needs a little break.  I'm not saying the Sunny Side burger is much healthier (if at all), but it has arugula on it.  Arugula is green, so that counts as healthier in my book.

sunny side burger (a.k.a. truffle especiale)
parmesan frico, fried egg, truffle thyme compound butter, truffled arugula

Second, we went back to Dog Haus.  I wasn't sold on a repeat purchase of their corn dog
[thanks, Disneyland, for ruining corn dogs for me]
so I tried a burger instead.  It was juicy and greasy.  It was served on hawaiian bread.  It had bacon and cheese and was smothered in chili.  And it was topped off with a sunny-side up egg.

The Hangover

This one definitely made my heart hurt, but it was so worth it.

I think I might have to go back for one of these soon.

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:-:  C  :-:


Monday, May 25, 2015

:-: DIAMONDS :-:

So, I've been so consumed with the rock on my finger and all the wedding planning that goes along with it that I've neglected my blog.  Sorry, blog.  I'll try to do better.

Another diamond-related event that I completely missed??

I drove past giant billboards about the event almost every day, but M had to be somewhere else that weekend and nobody else would have endured a FULL 24-hours in the park with me.  I probably wouldn't have been able to hang that long, but you know I like having options!  It would have been so amazing to stay in the park for 24-hours straight, but there's always next time.  If anyone went that is reading this, will you please leave a link to your blog so that I can see pictures and read about your experience? 

OK - I'll be back with blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so don't go anywhere!

Thanks for reading!

:-:  C  :-: