Tuesday, June 16, 2015


If you're driving down La Brea and see this:

Then I suggest you slow down and pull into the parking lot.

I'm rarely in the mood for ice cream because I'm cold practically always, but Mashti Malone's changes all of that 
(not the being cold part; the wanting ice cream part).

I like that they have interesting flavors.  I tried the creamy rosewater flavor first and I'm sticking to it.  If you like floral ice creams, then you will fall in love with this one.  If not, then you'll probably want to spit it out. To each their own.

My only complaint is that it always has icy chunks hidden inside.  I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way, but it always is.  And I wish it was actually creamy.  Like its name suggests.  I'll still keep going back, though.

Do you like floral based ice creams?  Any other suggestions of places to try?

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Thursday, June 11, 2015


I've been so busy thinking about this:

A gift from my friend who stood in line for the grand opening of Disney's Diamond Celebration.
Thanks again if you're reading!  I think you're awesome.

that I completely forgot about Universal Studios!

I like Universal Studios, but the only time I daydream about it is when it's time for
Halloween Horror Nights
(I'm already counting down the days…)
but I figured I'd check out their website to see if there was anything new coming up.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in spring 2016!

When M and I went to Florida last December, I had to choose between going to all four Disney parks or giving up one Disney park to spend the day at Universal Studios Florida so that I could take the Hogswarts Express between the two Harry Potter worlds.  Now I'm glad the mouse ears won!

I still really want to go back to Epcot, though.

Oh…and don't forget: Jurassic World comes out this Friday!
We already reserved our tickets for this weekend.

Maybe Universal Studios will update the ride, too??

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

:-: ROSIE'S CAFE :-:

Last weekend, M and I attended a beautiful wedding in Lake Tahoe.

While we were there, we stopped at Rosie's Cafe, which had something that I liked so much I pretty much inhaled it.  Seriously.  I was even amazed at how quickly it disappeared.

The first thing I ordered (yes, I ordered two things) was the Eggs News Orleans, which consisted of two deep fried crab cakes covered in poached eggs and drenched in hollandaise sauce, with hash browns on the side.  It was way too heavy on the garlic for my tastebuds, so I'll pass on this if I ever go back.

I'll just keep dreaming about my beloved smoked salmon benedict instead.

For my backup-meal-slash-dessert, I ordered one Swedish Oatmeal Pancake that was topped with applesauce, sour cream and imported lingonberries.  YESSSS!!!  I will now be on the hunt for everything Swedish pancake-related.  I wish I had ordered a full stack.

  So…now that I'm back to blogging, I have to remember to bring my camera with me!  I forgot my digital camera again so these are camera phone pics.  I think I really want a fancy camera, but we'll see if I can justify the cost...

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Thursday, June 4, 2015


It's been so long since I've blogged about Arclight that I had to bring it back.  We already know this is my most absolute favorite place to watch movies.  But what you may not know is that the Arclight Hollywood Cafe Bar is also a great place to stop and get a drink if you have time to burn before your movie starts.

AND what I didn't realize until recently is that it's also a pretty good place to grab a bite to eat…in case you're not in the mood for the usual hot dog and popcorn (or, sometimes, in addition to the usual!)

The nachos were pretty good.  Expensive, but that's not a surprise in Hollywood.  It's a good option if you don't have time to stop at a restaurant and you want some "food" food before the movie starts.  You can check out the menu here.  Let me know if you have any favorites here so I know what to try next.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

:-: FAT SAL'S :-:

Want a sandwich that has everything you can imagine stuffed inside?  Fat Sal's Deli has you covered.

I've been here twice and both times it was packed.  Surprisingly, whenever we go, I'm never in the mood for anything really heavy, so I just pick one of the signature hero sandwiches.  Which are just OK.  Apparently, you need to eat the FAT sandwiches to fall in love with this place.

I've tried the Killer Korean BBQ and the Phenomenal Philly Cheesesteak.  Speaking of Korean sandwiches, does anyone have suggestions for a good Banh Mi place in LA?  I haven't been able to find a place that I like yet.

Philly Cheesesteak

The portions are decent, and usually everyone has at least a little left over.

And here's an example of a FAT sandwich: 

Fat Texas BBQ

The Fat Texas BBQ comes complete with ALL of these things stuffed into a garlic hero:

- BBQ pastrami brisket
- chicken fingers
- mozzarella sticks
- crisp bacon
- grilled onions
- melted cheddar & mozzarella
- fries
- mayo
- honey BBQ

Hungry yet?  Or does your tummy hurt just thinking about it? :)  

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