Thursday, August 27, 2015

:-: THE 100th POST :-:

The 100th post is finally here!

When I started my blog in January 2014, I was really excited to share my new experiences and have an opportunity to do something creative and fun.

My first post was Ombre & The Pink Coat, and I'm surprised at how much I've learned about myself through this whole blogging process.  For instance, I really enjoy reading fashion blogs, and I love writing, so I figured I'd be on track if I combined the two.  I had fun for a couple of posts, but it really wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.  The more I wrote, the more excited I became writing about other things, such as Hello Kitty, burgers, Disneyland, desserts (pretty much anything super cute and/or edible).

So how did this start?

Well, back in 2013, M and I were having a conversation about my hobby habits.  Basically, it means that I get really excited about a potential hobby and spend lots of money getting ready for it, then once I've purchased everything I need, the hobby never really comes to fruition - at least not on a regular basis.

Here's an example:  I wanted to get fit and be really healthy so that I'd be full of energy (I was hoping this would end my usual "I'm tired all the time" dilemma).  Anyway, I went shopping and bought lots of cute athletic gear and then never stepped foot in a gym.  I use everything when I go on occasional hikes, but it's definitely not an active lifestyle.

Here's another example:  I decided I wanted to start making my own jewelry.  I bought a bunch of cute beads and supplies that I'd need to create jewelry and organized everything in a container, then never even attempted to make a single piece of jewelry.  In fact, I gave it all away to a family member so it's not going to happen now.

Basically, this blog is my means of sharing things that I find exciting, and it doesn't require me to buy a lot of things just so that I have something to blog about.  I mean, the Hello Kitty goodies are going to end up finding their way to me one way or another, and M and I love going out to eat, so it's not as if we're spending extra money to maintain a hobby.

This post is getting kind of long...

I really appreciate everyone who has subscribed to my blog or taken the time to leave a comment.  It makes me happy knowing that other people enjoy the things that make me smile, too.

And most importantly, I want to thank M for always being so supportive - especially during the times when I thought I wanted to stop blogging (it happens) because I really do love being able to go back and have a diary of all of the fun things we've done and see pictures of all of the yummy food we've eaten.  Hopefully there will be plenty more blogs to come!

And yes, I still have the pink coat and wear it whenever the weather permits.  And sometimes I wear it when it's still kind of warm outside.  And then I look like a crazy person.  But it's cool.  I don't mind.

Happy 100th!
Thank you so much for reading.

:-:  C  :-:

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