Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hey Sweet Lady Jane, your apple pie is so wonderfully amazing, but what is going on with your princess cake??

Let me start by saying that this princess cake has the prettiest design compared to probably all of the other princess cakes I've ever eaten.  And trust me, I've eaten a whoooole lot of princess cakes.

So pretty and dainty

The marzipan was super thick.  It was like fondant with some almond flavoring.  And the white cream that is typically super soft and fluffy was hard.  Hard.  The cake itself was pretty good.  I'm not sure what part of the cake was a little on the sweet side because I ate all of the parts together, but I think it was a combination of the faux-marzipan and the unidentifiable white stuff.  Oh well.  Too late now.

Come on, LA.  I need to find a good princess cake.

Any suggestions?  So far, I've only tried one other princess cake in LA.

P.S.  If you don't like princess cakes (I don't know why you wouldn't) and you're still thinking about apple pie, make sure you add this one to your list.

Thanks for reading!

:-:  C  :-:

P.P.S.  Thank you for the cake, M.  I know I didn't give it a glowing review, but I still really appreciate it!  Love you :)


  1. The cake design looks amazing!
    hope you're having a great day,
    ~ basicallychloe x
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x

  2. Thanks! I hope you're having a great day, too!