Thursday, September 17, 2015


Last Saturday was finally Diamond Celebration Time.  I didn't wear my mouse ears for fear of messing them up, and then I almost bought another pair that I wouldn't mind messing up.  But then I stopped myself.

And to make things even better, it was also Halloween time at Disney - meaning The Haunted House was decorated with A Nightmare before Xmas wonderfulness!

Disney has a lot of special food for the Diamond Celebration, but it looks like the really yummy stuff is over at California Adventure.  There’s also special things for Halloween.  They had these super cute poison apple mugs that I debated buying, but I told myself I had to save money, so I didn’t get any. The Disney Parks website says that it’s supposed to come with a beverage, which makes sense because it’s a mug, but I only saw it at one stand and it came with either grapes or a pineapple spear (cost: $12).  I was thirsty, so I said maybe next time (even though there probably won’t be a next time this year).  I probably would have been persuaded to not save my money if it came with a drink instead of fruit.  Oh well.  I don’t have space for things like this anyway – I can barely find room for all of my Hello Kitty stuff.


Anyway, I did try these Mickey shaped pumpkin beignets.  They were nice and warm when I got them, but I don’t think they really tasted like much.  I shared, though, and other people seemed to really like them, so maybe my sinuses were acting up and I just couldn’t taste my food properly.

And how adorable are these Baymax balloons?  They even light up!  I wanted one, but we spent enough money just getting into Disneyland, so I had to save money somewhere.  Not buying something I don't really need counts as saving money, right??

Does anyone have any special pictures or stories to share about Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration or Disney Halloween time?

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Thursday, September 3, 2015


I Instagrammed a picture of all of the Hello Kitty Cafe goodies that my awesome parents surprised me with a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to show you MORE (not more things, just more pictures).

I'm happy that the macarons were still lovely the second time around.

It's too bad I can't say the same for the donuts.  I was so excited to try them because I've been on a donut kick lately, but Hello Kitty cuteness couldn't even make these donuts taste decent.  They were so, so dry and didn't even taste like donuts.  More like dry bread with a very cute design on top.  If you go to the truck, I'd save your money and skip these.

I tried to get the lemonade when the Hello Kitty Cafe truck was at Hello Kitty Con.  It sold out before it was my turn.  I tried again when the truck was at Comic Con.  Sold out again.  My parents went to the truck when it was at Santana Row and they got to try it; they said it was too sweet.  I still haven't tried it, but I did get a cute cup.

I really wanted the non-food items, and I'm so excited I got a tee!  I'll post a pic once I'm able to bear taking it out of the plastic wrap and actually wear it.

And I REAAALLLY wanted the oh-so-adorable mug! Yay!!

It even has a cute little donut design inside.

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