Thursday, October 8, 2015


I waited and waited, and last weekend was finally time for Halloween Horror Nights.  This year this event was way less crowded than it was last year, but the two most popular mazes (Walking Dead and Insidious) still had long lines, so I guess it made the front-of-the-line ticket worth it.

Here’s the rub:

I was really looking forward to seeing what the “backlot tour” would be like this year.  Turns out it was exactly the same as last year.  Did I say exactly?  Because that’s what I meant.  I mean, they could have changed something to switch it up a little for people who came last year.

Also exactly the same was the Alien v. Predator maze.  I mean, I get that the props are expensive and lots of new people go each year (i.e., me last year), but I thought there might be minor changes here and there.  There weren’t.

So what was left?  Halloween, which was good.  Crimson Peak was just OK.  It was pretty much just a bunch of ladies wearing big dresses.  Maybe it will make more sense after I see the movie.  This is the End was 3-D and more funny than scary, but I guess that was the theme of the movie (I never saw it).

But let’s not be a downer.  The Walking Dead Maze was really good.  I won’t give details so I don’t ruin it for you if you go.  But the tunnel was gone this year.  Maybe people complained that walking through that long *ss tunnel was too tiring (which it was), but it was so much fun that it made the excessive walking worthwhile.  This year, they just had shuttles, so there were no walkers to fight your way through.  But Insidious was pretty scary, too, so that was another plus.

With the front-of-the-line pass, you can cut to the front of the line for rides also, but we only went on two rides.  I was pretty disappointed with the whole event so I didn’t bother waiting around to watch the Jabbawockeez perform.  Oh well.  If you’ve never been to Horror Nights, then the front-of-the-line tickets are definitely worthwhile.  But for repeat customers, you’re probably better off buying a regular ticket (about 1/3 the price) and getting to the park early before the lines get crazy long.

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