Thursday, November 12, 2015

:-: LUSH KARMA :-:

Up until this past weekend, I hadn't purchased anything from Lush since Valentine's - not even any soaps or other goodies.

I walked past the store and it smelled so amazing that I couldn't resist going in.  After telling myself I'd only purchase one thing, I walked around the store and found a bunch of things I wanted to buy, but forced myself to settle on just one.  I figured $6 - $8 wouldn't break the bank.

So, when I got to the register and had to pay $13+, I was shocked.  I picked the most expensive bubble bar in the store.  I have a gift for not looking at prices and always picking the most expensive thing.  Go figure.

Anyway, I ended up with a Lush Karma bubble bar.  The website describes it as a "mystical bubbler with refreshing patchouli and lemongrass."  It smells really nice and will last a couple of uses, so I've already justified the $11.95 pre-tax price tag.

Let's see how much willpower I have when all of the Lush Christmas goodies are back…

Thanks for reading!

:-:  C  :-:


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